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Clinical studies

Test person insurance

Test person insurance

Whatever your study design, whether it is a national or international study with drugs, medical devices or observational studies: Subject insurance is essential. What do you need to consider?


Product liability insurance

Pharmaceutical product liability insurance

Information for Germany Product liability for damage to medicinal products is regulated in the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG) and makes the conclusion of product liability insurance mandatory.

Medical devices

Product liability insurance

Medical devices insurance

Information for Germany In contrast to pharmaceutical companies, the majority of product liability laws apply to this sector in accordance with the EU directives.

Organ liability

D&O insurance

D&O insurance

The term D&O stands for Directors & Officers Liability,
. This class is one of the most sensitive offered by the insurance industry. It covers breaches of duty by the legal representatives of companies.

Guideline on clinical trials of medicinal products and medical devices

We can once again demonstrate our outstanding reputation as experts in the insurance of clinical trials. Our colleague Roland Haas was selected as co-author for the 5th new edition of the standard work "Leitfaden Klinische Prüfungen von Arzneimitteln und Medizinprodukten" by the editors Prof. B. Sickmüller / Prof. C. Gleiter and ECV - Editio Cantor Verlag to write the chapter on trial subject insurance.

Guide to clinical trials of medicinal products and medical devices Founded by J. A. Schwarz

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