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Thomas Lacina, PhD, M.Sc. Economics

Thomas Lacina, PhD our doctor from Switzerland 
if we need a neutral assessment for special risks of clinical studies

Thomas Lacina studied medicine at University of Bonn / Germany where he got a medical degree. Years later he devoted himself to scientific questions in economics and international politics at the Catholic University of Milan / Italy. He holds the title of Master in Economics and Politics.
For more than ten years he has been the team leader of the radiology department as an interventional radiologist at Ars Medica Clinic in Gravesano / Switzerland.
He heads an interdisciplinary pain treatment center in Lugano and is the founder of ISOM, institute for second opinion in medicine. Here, second opinions on surgical indications are provided by a panel of experts consisting of renowned professors from Swiss universities.

Dr. med. Thomas Lacina - Medical Advisor
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